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Moving Pictures: Cardell Dance Theater’s ‘Excerpts’

In "Ciudad Evita," Silvana Cardell’s knack for crafting a story and the dancers’ commitment to their characters bring the images to life.
March 22, 2012
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Contemplative and Connected: Leah Stein’s Singular Aesthetic

Philadelphia Dance Projects organized a retrospective of Leah Stein’s work, celebrating her eponymous troupe’s tenth anniversary.
March 16, 2012
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Heaven, Earth, and Everything Between

Handel’s Messiah is big and divine. In trying to match its lofty heights, Weiss instead showed his own humanity.
March 15, 2012
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Balloons and Flowers for Spiel Uhr

Group Motion Company’s 'Spiel Uhr' series has been running continuously since the 1980’s
March 7, 2012
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Flotation Devices and Other Sex Toys

Disassociation provides pleasure--the vague elation of untethering nudity from sexuality... But new freedoms bring their own anxieties.
February 29, 2012
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LEVYdance’s Romp: Fun = Exhausting and Exhilarating

We can’t take our eyes off of this sweaty crew of risk-takers and are impressed by the dedication of their student counterparts.
February 23, 2012
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Maintaining Boundaries

Coming from the nothing-is-too-weird-to-be-performed contemporary dance world, I went out on a limb by agreeing to write about "Pushing Boundaries: Forsythe and Neenan."
February 23, 2012
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A Bicycle Built for Everyone

Green Chair Dance Group's constant interaction with the audience served to include us in what otherwise could have been a very insular topic: the dancers’ relationships with one another.
February 21, 2012
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