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Spring 2018 fund drive!

The goal of thINKingDANCE is to "up the ante on dance coverage and conversation." While continuing to publish high-quality reviews of local, national, and international artists, thINKingDANCE is pursuing broader work that looks at issues, trends, and movements in the dance scene. thINKingDANCE recently invited 11 new writers to join our team. These talented writers are stretching our perspective. Their articles offer new perspectives on dance staples like the Pennsylvania Ballet and Philadanco, and also provide broader perspectives on issues like consent and personhood in dance.

We depend on support from you, our readers, and the arts community, to pay our writers, editors, and staff. The goal for our 3 week Spring Fund Drive is to raise $2,000. We have raised $1,285 during our first two weeks. Please make a donation to help us reach our goal! Your donations help us to present you the finest, most interesting, most incisive dance coverage for  Philadelphia and beyond!

Below are some recent articles that stretch thINKingDANCE's coverage:

When activism is involuntary: a conversation between Deanna Haggag and Bill T. Jones

Kat Sullivan wrote a compelling article about the role of the artist as an activist. Kat knew "Bill T. Jones as a dance giant, especially as a black, queer, HIV-positive figure".  She wonders  " if any creation from a member of a marginalized group is de-facto activism."  Or "Can an artistic body of work stand on its own, independent of the creator?"  Read more...

Interview with the Fear Snuggler

New tD writer Miryam Coppersmith participated in Eroca Nicols’ Aggressive Snuggling workshop at The Whole Shebang. In this piece, she interviews Nicols about consent, accessibility, and the culture of contact improvisation. Read more...

Affirming Black Dance … Unapologetically

"She was adamant that since there was no “white dance,” the notion that there is a need to affirm Black Dance does more harm than good, as it situates itself in the promotion of separation." Gregory King thinks "this would be true if dance genres like ballet and modern dance were not viewed, experienced, and analyzed through the lens of whiteness." Read more...

Bulgaria on the map of European Dance – a personal journey in cultural dissociation

Zornitsa Stoyanova  traveled to her home country and reviews the Bulgarian Dance Showcase. In addition to reviewing 5 individual performances, she assesses the expanding climate for contemporary dance in Bulgaria. "Would work in Bulgaria be focused only on the emotional content in the body, or would it ever address the problematic politics, gender, and race disparity locally and globally?" Read more...

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