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About thINKingDANCE

thINKingDANCE is a consortium of dance artists and writers who work together to provide critical coverage for dance, to build audiences for dance, and to foster the art of dance writing in Philadelphia and beyond. thINKingDANCE increases visibility for dance, encourages new forms of dance writing, broadens the scope of dance coverage, and increases audience receptivity to dance. We do this through partnerships and live events, as well as at thinkingdance.net, our online dance journal. We train and educate our writers through regular workshops with visiting dance writers, monthly peer-critique sessions, and an uncommonly rigorous two-tiered editing process. Founded in 2011, thINKingDANCE is currently thirty writers strong.

We publish  reviews, features, interviews, think pieces and  newly emerging formats. Have something in mind you'd like to see? Let us know

Our staff is:
Editor-in-Chief -- Lynn M. Brooks
Managing Editor -- Alen Amini
Non-Profit Board -- Jonathan Stein (Chair), Terry Fox, Debbie Shapiro  (Treasurer), Chris Deephouse,   Sarah Bishop-Stone,  Kat Sullivan,  Mira Treatman
Editorial Board -- Lynn M. Brooks (Head), Alen Amini, Ellen Chenoweth, Miryam Coppersmith, Carolyn Merritt, Kalila Kingsford Smith
Education  -- Mira Treatman (Head),  Janna Meiring,  Anna Drozdowski, Maddie Hopfield, Preeti Pathak, Jonathan Stein,  Whitney Weinstein
Communications -- Ellen Chenowith, Chris Deephouse, Maddie Hopfield, Kalila Kingsford Smith (Head), Kat Sullivan, Zornitsa Stoyanova, Whitney Weinstein
Intersectionality Network --   Alen Amini, Maddie Hopfield, Preeti Pathak, Barbora Prihodova, Kat Sullivan, Mira Treatman
Hospitality -- Whitney Weinstein
Advertising Manager -- Mira Treatman

The full list of our current and former writers is here.


thINKingDANCE gratefully acknowledges support from the Philadelphia Cultural Fund and from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

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