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Sustain  thINKingDANCE into 2022!

Your donation will help tD highlight the creative works of  local and visiting artists
and to build synergy with the national and international dance community.

Sustain thINKingDANCE into 2022!

Your contribution to tD will build the next generation of dance writers as well as support and strengthen the recovery of dance arts, weakened by the on-going pandemic.

thINKingDANCE advances dance writing in Philadelphia, but also nationally and internationally because of its online format. Since 2011, tD has published over 1400 articles. tD has also begun to host themed forums and workshops as exemplified in Decolonizing Dance Writing: International Exchanges, directed by Gregory King and supported by Critical Minded, an initiative to invest in cultural critics of color cofounded by The Nathan Cummings Foundation and the Ford Foundation.

Among other accomplishments in 2021, tD published its first video series in collaboration with writer and artist Kenwyn Samuel, with support from the Leeway Foundation, to document Philadelphia artists living with chronic illness and disabilities. We also recruited a new cohort of writers. Most importantly, we have increased writer fees by 66%.

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Your donation will support tD to highlight the creative works of great local and visiting artists and to build synergy with the national and international dance community. We keep dance at the forefront and present. The more we talk and write about dance, the greater understanding we bring to everyone.

Help us to conjure and share the way Philly moves by supporting tD. Take this opportunity to connect your voice to the many others who recognize and embrace the value and necessity of critical thinking, expression, and radical embodiment.


Meet the thINKingDANCE Team!

tD’s 30+ dance writers identify as being BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, parents, scholars, people who have emigrated to the US, teachers, creatives, elders, young-professionals, community organizers, and/or local Philadelphia artists. We proudly name our individual and collective identities as they are the lenses we bring to our dance writing, allowing space for critical thought, active dialogue, and transformative educational opportunities that ask both our internal and external communities to show-up and engage with the work.

thINKingDANCE Leadership:

thINKingDANCE Staff (cont.):

Kalila Kingsford Smith (Co-Managing Director)

Darcy Grabenstein  
L. Graciella Maiolatesi (Co-Managing Director) Caitlin Green 
Maddie Hopfield (Finance Chair) Maddie Hopfield 
Miryam Coppersmith (Coordinator) Nadia Khayrallah

thINKingDANCE Board of Directors:

Gregory King
Jennifer Edwards (Board Chair) Kalila Kingsford Smith 
Kat Sullivan (Board Secretary) Andrew Klein
Anna Drozdowski (Board Treasurer) Emilee Lord 
Keila Cordova (Board Fundraising Director) L. Graciella Maiolatesi 
Sarah Bishop-Stone nikolai mckenzie ben rema  
Silvana Cardell Leila Mire 
Terry Fox Rhonda Moore 
Elba Hevia y Vaca Kara Nepomuceno
Rhonda Moore Dana Nichols
Cory Neale Lauren Putty White 
Jonathan   Stein Kenwyn Samuel 

thINKingDANCE Staff (Writers, Editors, Editorial  Board Members, &/or Administrative Staff):

Kristen Shahverdian
Joseph Ahmed Jonathan Stein 
Megan Bridge Zornitsa Stoyanova
Leslie Bush Kat Sullivan 
Ellen Chenoweth  Karl Surkan
Emma Cohen  Mira Treatman 
Miryam Coppersmith  Whitney Weinstein 
Lu Donovan Kristi Yeung
Anna Drozdowski   
Ani Gavino   

Why we value thINKingDANCE and dance writing…


"Having thINKingDANCE is an important addition to connecting this dance community. Whenever I am wondering what is going on or what I might have missed, I know where to look. It's all right there."
- Joan Myers Brown, Founder, Philadanco

“At a time when journalistic standards everywhere are under pressure and assault, thINKingDANCE has built and sustained a collective journalistic practice that honors clarity, substance, curiosity, and imagination. tD raises the bar for arts writing, in Philadelphia and beyond.” - Germaine Ingram, Dancer/Choreographer and Arts Advocate

“I love the fact that thINKingDANCE writers, many of them practitioners themselves, understand the art of performance. I appreciate thINKingDANCE’s commitment to rigor, evidenced by the fact that every review has two editors. I’m very happy that tD has expanded their coverage to theaters! Considering that the whole enterprise is a labor of love (for sure not of money), I am impressed by the high quality of work this publication has already achieved!“ - Blanka Zizka, The Wilma Theater

“I want to read articles about dance. I want it to be part of our world.” - Joan Acocella, The Death of the American Dance Critic

“Where support will come from for the next generation [of dance critics] remains a pressing question.” - Laura Cappelle, Five Major Dance Critics Stepped Down Last Season. What Does That Mean for the Future of the Field?


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