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Lynnette Young Overby


Lynnette Young Overby Ph.D. currently serves as faculty director for Undergraduate Research and Experiential Learning and as Professor of Theatre at the University of Delaware. During her career, she has served with distinction in several leadership roles, including president of both National Dance Association (NDA) and the Michigan Dance Council, and vice president of dance for the District of Columbia AHPERD, Michigan AHPERD, and Eastern District AAHPERD.  Currently she is leading the formation of the Delaware Dance Education Organization and serves on the Board of Dance and the Child International. From 2004– present Lynnette has served as a National Artist Educator from the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. She is the author or coauthor of over 40 publications and eight books, has a record of over 100 major presentations and performances. Her contributions have earned her more than 20 state, district, and national awards and honors, including the 2000 NDA Scholar/Artist, and  the 2004 Leadership Award from the National Dance Education Organization.  She is a strong believer in interdisciplinary education, and is currently collaborating with P. Gabrielle Foreman on a long term “Performing History” project.  Lynnette’s 2012 Choreography,  “Sketches: The Life of Harriet E. Wilson in Dance, Poetry and Music.” is based on research by P. Gabrielle Foreman, who edited Wilson’s 1859 book Our Nig.