Upping the ante on dance coverage and conversation

Mara Flamm

Mara Flamm, a born and bred Philadelphian, has a life long love for dance and writing. She enjoys taking contemporary dance classes, with a special passion for Gaga and has participated in Gaga intensives in both Tel Aviv and Italy and has helped to facilitate Gaga workshops in Philadelphia and Florence, Italy for The University of the Arts students. At UArts Mara is the Director of International Programs, where she has the deep pleasure of working with international students and scholars and also enjoys facilitating study abroad and short travel courses. The course she directs in Italy, Poetics, Pathways, and Play: The Embodied Traveler invites students to engage a deep sense of creative community through experiencing the art, culture and food of Italy utilizing an immersive multidisciplinary performance art curriculum. Mara is also honored to serve as the Board President for Subcircle, a Philadelphia and Maine performance art company and residency.