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Kat J. Sullivan

COVID-19 and Dance: Resources to Keep Us Moving

How the pandemic is impacting the dance community, and where to find help
March 23, 2020
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Truth, Lies, and Soviet Spies

Is fiction in the eye of the beholder?
February 12, 2020
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The Future is Fallible

Do you believe in the future?
February 8, 2020
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Eastern Europeans in North Philadelphia

Polish performers cross-pollinate with local dancer Zornitsa Stoyanova
January 10, 2020
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An Inquiry of Oz

Quintessence Theatre’s imagining ends without closure.
December 30, 2019
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Sculptural Lines Straight Out of Chi Town

Amid syncopated contemporary dance, Haun’s Chicago-based company offers a welcome respite of non-narrative, sculptural lines.
December 6, 2019
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The School for Temporary Liveness Misses the Mark

Perhaps, in a true analogy to a school, I left feeling unsure that I’d learned anything new at all.
October 18, 2019
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What’s So Funny?

“Un Poyo Rojo”: a different kind of locker room talk.
September 20, 2019
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