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Collection: tD Considers Consent
Photo: Celine Asril

Collection: tD Considers Consent

by Miryam Coppersmith

My interest in documenting issues of consent in performance   goes  all the way back to the first article I ever wrote for thINKingDANCE. I had just taken an "Aggressive Snuggling" workshop with Eroca Nicols and was deeply inspired  by her blend of Contact Improvisation,  Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and self defence. I interviewed   her about the workshop and  different forms of consent and access permeated every part of our conversation:

Three years later, Nadia Khayrallah continued this conversation, publishing a two-part,   in-depth view into the conversations around consent and access happening at  Earthdance's  "Future of CI" Conference.

Of course, these issues of consent often come up in social, community, and improvisational    dance spaces of all styles. Here, Carolyn Merritt folds the evolving conversation about consent in tango  into her coverage of  a virtual tango festival and Jonathan Stein interviews Connie Vandarakis on her work with DanceAbility.

Consent is present on the stage as well, from burlesque to  the proscenium. These performance reviews and responses highlight the many ways consent informs artists' work:



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By Miryam Coppersmith
December 30, 2021

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