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Anna Drozdowski



Through Ladybird, Anna embarks on international projects in organizational development, mutual understanding and research--most often in dance.  Along with artists who make honest, ambitious work she remains curious about like-minds in far-flung places who are interested in the individual and the body. Anna is a facilitator with Artists U, manages the Christ Church Neighborhood House and collaboratively curates spectacles with the fledgling birdbirdbird. She has written critically on Headlong/Tere O'Connor, Dada von Bzdulow and the Royal Danish Ballet as well as through Critical Correspondence, the Philadelphia Weekly and the Bournonville Daily.   Anna has shown tiny choreographies at Movement Research, InFlux the CEC New Edge series and the Rocky Awards; and lectured at universities in Europe/The Americas as well as with the PA Commonwealth Speaker Series. She is a fellow of the Fulbright Program and NEA Arts Journalism Program; her creative research has been supported by the Chicago Seminar on Dance & Performance; The Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst and the Pew Charitable Trusts through Dance Advance.  Anna holds a Master’s in Performance Studies from NYU and enjoys cross-stitching obscenities. annadrozdowski.com