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Annie Wilson

Annie Wilson is a Philadelphia-based performer, creator, author, yoga instructor, bartender, and maybe, one day, a BodyTalk practitioner. She is a graduate of the University of the Arts and Headlong Performance Institute and is a founder and former co-director of Pink Hair Affair. She is currently interested in solo work, the audience-performer relationship, how we create our own sense of self, simplicity and complexity, and the gut brain. She has performed recently by herself, for Christina Gesualdi, Headlong Dance Theater, Girl Walk// All Day, and the Process Project. In 2010 she traveled to Amsterdam to study improvisation with Katie Duck, and was supported in part by the PA Council on the Arts, friends, colleagues, and mentors. The blog from that experience can be found at dancesterdam.wordpress.com. She often tries to insert intellectual discourse where it doesn’t belong and looks forward to a project that focuses on it.