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Join thINKingDANCE this Spring For In-Person Events in Philly!

tD is partnering with Philadelphia Dance Projects to host THREE WRITE BACK ATCHAs this Spring! Our next  is on Wednesday May 22nd  at 7pm after Dance Up Close: Joe Gonzalez. 

Then, join us the next day at  drINKingDANCE, a  social gathering at Dahlak in West Philly on Thursday, May 23rd from 6-9pm.
We hope you can grab a DrINK with us!

desire amaiya

i, desire amaiya suarez (she/they), work as a writer, poet, dancer, choreographer, and actress who molds strangeness with emotion, and social justice along with groovy, gooey, athletic, contemporary movement to create poetry in motion. i intentionally do not use capitalization as an ode to bell hooks, hoping to offer intention through meaning and eliminating that form of scholarly confinement from my writing. i am a recent graduate of muhlenberg college with a b.a in theatre arts and english/creative writing with a minor in dance. originally from south jersey, at the moment i call philly home, and ive studied and performed in works abroad in italy, with academmia del’arte in arezzo, as well as work in the states with choreographers like melanie george, earl mosley, heidi cruz-austin, daniel padierna, david dorfman and elizabeth bergman. the work i am interested in is a melding of mediums, a heart on full display. deep love and connection is what i hope to extend to others through my work and collaborations, i cherish an unconditional love and open space for self authenticity, self work, self care, and connection. i am enamored with the concept of love in all different shapes and forms, from the love of oneself to the love of another, and in all and any capacities. love of movement that extends beyond a place of conventional visual aesthetic, and encapsulates an appreciation and wonder for the human body and tender heart. i am drawn to the organic human experience and connecting through our flaws. i hope to continue my work in bringing all bodies who have felt forced from the form back into the adventure of creation, with no constriction to tradition, stereotype, or the self confinement of unworthiness due to a restriction by a colonized, and commercialized world.