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Letter to the Editor: Deborah Jowitt on CORD/SDHS

To the Editors:

I'm finally seizing the moment to thank thINKingDANCE for stimulating the, well. . . THINKING about dance and bringing dance writers virtually together.

Having unthinkingly allowed my membership in DHS and CORD to lapse, I appreciate Lynn's words on the Iowa conference. I wish I'd been there.

I too am bothered by the issues she raises about experts in one area or culture being casually dismissive of other traditions (in order to make a point), without exhibiting sufficient knowledge of these. And I'm fascinated by Catherine Turocy's experiments in stretching some of the perceived impressions of Baroque dance—knowing, as she does, that the line between fastidious research and carefully chosen explorations of creative possibilities is a slim one.

Deborah Jowitt

November 21, 2014

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