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Join thINKingDANCE this Spring For In-Person Events in Philly!

tD is partnering with Philadelphia Dance Projects to host THREE WRITE BACK ATCHAs this Spring! Our next  is on Wednesday June 26th  at 7pm after Dance Up Close: Lily Kind.  

thINKingDANCE Partners with Young Involved Philadelphia

thINKingDANCE Partners with Young Involved Philadelphia

State of Young Philly 2020 Event

Join thINKingDANCE on Zoom for a conversation on the intersections of our work with civic engagement! 

Monday, October 12 - 12:00-1:30 pm EDT 

RSVP required for Zoom access 

Free! Donations to support our work are welcome   here

thINKingDANCE is proud to partner with Young Involved Philadelphia for the annual State of Young Philly  event series! 

Are you wondering how artists who work in theatres and public spaces are doing this year? Are you curious about how to support local arts organizations providing resources to children and adults to experience the arts? Are you interested in getting involved in an arts organization as a participant, creator, or student? This is the event for you to learn the dance perspective on the intersections of civic engagement and the arts in Philadelphia.

Brought to you by thINKingDANCE, your online home for dance and performing arts writing in Philadelphia. This event is being held as a part of the SOYP Event Series, organized by Young Involved Philadelphia, www.younginvolvedphila.org/soyp 

State of Young Philly (SOYP)  is an annual event series held in the fall that brings together over organizations and young Philadelphians, elected officials, organizational leaders, and millennials. SOYP 2020 will focus on how young Philadelphians can make a difference locally. what civic engagement means to young Philadelphians. Our theme this year is: "Start Local, Get Vocal". SOYP events will aim to provide information and opportunities for young Philadelphians to impact change locally. State of Young Philly 2020 will be held from  October 8-22, 2020.   


By Mira Treatman
October 1, 2020

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