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Carolyn Merritt

(A) Moving Work

What do you do for a living? RealLivePeople(in)Motion's "The Jobs Project" is complex; an ambitious undertaking for a relatively young company.
May 30, 2013
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A Different Kind of Viewing: Susan Rethorst’s “Day of Dance”

I think of all the places I have lived...Do I ever fully take stock, record to memory, carry their traces and leave mine behind?
March 12, 2013
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There is a Season: Eleone's Carols in Color

Carols in Color reminds of the beauty of miracles, the comfort of faith, that prayer can take many forms.
January 7, 2013
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Anarchic Harmony: Cage's Song Books

What if the creator’s role was to release into the world a never-ending set of possibilities, whose lives would surely outlive that of their originator?
October 26, 2012
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RUB(bing me the wrong way)

One song in the evening’s soundtrack plugged “the more you drink, the better we look,” but honestly, these girls didn’t need any help here...
September 8, 2012
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Poverty Amidst Plenty for Philadelphia's Dance Adjuncts

The nation's "dance capital" abounds in creative opportunity, but local performers working as adjuncts are destined to scrape by for years to come.
August 16, 2012
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Tango, Day and Night, Night and Day: 2nd Philadelphia Tango Festival

Four days of dancing in Northern Liberties, through the eyes of a local tango dancer.
June 14, 2012
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