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Ellen Chenoweth

Poem for a Tree

Kinetic tree, you mystify me.
April 19, 2016
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Little Explosions with Dorrance Dance

The brilliance is non-stop, but the engagement wanes.
December 15, 2015
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A Funeral For Five Performances

Hopkins asks: How is a performance like a person?
November 12, 2015
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New Maps from the Fringe Festival

What new connections and directions emerge this year from the Fringe Festival's explosion of artistic expression?
September 25, 2015
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A Slew of Site-celebratory Performances

June was a good month for adventurous performances in Philadelphia with artists using the traditional off-season to try new things.
July 3, 2015
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Collage Festival is an artist-friendly, affordable, and accessible multi-disciplinary event.
May 5, 2015
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This Is Not a Gentle Piece

In more than 300 performances, three vocalists from The Crossing whistled a piece composed by David Lang, while encircling a 4.5 billion year old rock.
April 17, 2015
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Sparks Fly From a Volatile Mix

You’ve got the sacred and the profane, some spoken text, some songs, some painting, some dancing. You've got smart bodies and smart brains... aggression with vulnerability.
February 26, 2015
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