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Climbing Toward Home

Contact Improvisation as a method for how to build, leave, and return to a home.
March 1, 2023
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Singing and Dancing through a 24-Hour Mandatory Waiting Period

In 'The Appointment' the unborn speak for themselves.
February 19, 2023
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Remembering tD Writer Karl Surkan

A passionate embrace of performance as an embodiment of the gender, sexual and political complexities of contemporary life.
February 19, 2023
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News for Dance Educators/Teaching Artists: PA Direct Path Dance Certification

An interview with PaDEO's Monica Frichtel: PK-12 certification for teaching dance in PA.
February 11, 2023
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A Shared Rhythm: Interview with Palestinian Dancer Mohammed Smahneh

Fusing Dabke, Hip Hop, contemporary dance, and puppetry.
January 27, 2023
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Poetry (and Prose) in Motion

Dance interpretation of written works wows writers at weekend workshop
January 23, 2023
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Testing stereotypes through physical comedy

Five clowns visit Miniball’s stage, concluding the festival with crude jokes and a disappointing lack of care.
January 8, 2023
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Using Our Bodies as Sites of Restful Resistance

Healing ourselves by rescripting the script.
December 21, 2022
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