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4 | 2 | 3: An Unsolved Riddle

Three generations of dancers touch the void
April 12, 2024
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A Celebration of Philadelphia’s Rich Tapestry of Dance

Danse4Nia uplifts Philly’s Black children and their passion for dance.
April 8, 2024
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BODYTRAFFIC Serves Up a Robust Program

The LA-based company offered up a varied bill showcasing a high level technique and artistry
March 18, 2024
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De Keersmaeker’s Golden Jubilee

A spirited embodiment of Bach’s Goldberg Variations.
March 15, 2024
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In The Album Series: Dreamland, a nascent dream

Sevon Becker-Wright plays with the structure of choreographing an entire album’s music to mixed success.
March 15, 2024
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Reconstructing a Romantic Ideal: Angel Corella’s Giselle

Corella’s exquisite choreography highlights the charm of pantomime ballet in conveying meanings and emotions in a non-dialogue context.
March 6, 2024
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Invitation to Joy

In new and old work, Ailey’s dancers invite us to embody the joy of their expression
March 1, 2024
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Steve Paxton (1939-2024) from the tD Archive

Remembering and honoring this leader in our field.
February 29, 2024
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