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Thomas Choinacky

Thomas Choinacky crafts spatial experiences through genre-defying performance. These unusual occurrences intend to illuminate the constant transformation we, and our surroundings, are going through in our lives.

Thomas is company member of the radical theater collective Applied Mechanics. He has been the grantee of 1812 Productions’ Jilline Ringle Solo Performance Program for his autobiographical play Thomas is Titanic and has been awarded artist residencies at Kultuuritehas Polymer in Tallinn, Estonia and at Elsewhere in Greensboro, NC. Thomas has been curating spaces for artists and audiences in Philadelphia since 2007. He is the co-founder of SoLow Festival. He aims to bring people closer to their own bodies and surroundings- as well as to other individuals around them. This is seen in Magnitude, a nine-hour durational work viewable through a peephole, and Turnstile, an interactive installation using a readymade object to manipulate audience’s movement.  Thomas is an advocate for the historizing and criticism of performance works/ artists of any size. His writing is an embodied practice and has been shared with theartblog, the Environmental Performance Agency, and the numerous DIY zines he creates within his artistic projects. More at: thomaschoinacky.com.