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Meet the Writers: Amelia Longo

What is the TD project about, in your experience?
TD is about learning. Learning to watch fully, learning to find the right words for something wordless, learning to maybe delete that fifth descriptive sentence. Okay, okay...maybe the fourth one too.

How has TD affected your other dance-related work?
My other dance related work is really being an audience member. TD has definitely changed the way I watch shows; I find myself engaged in a new way, more actively trying to talk or write about what I've seen.

Finish this sentence "Good dance....."
Good dance makes me write, whether or not I write about dance.  I've always found dance I love to be inspiring, so that as soon as the house lights come on, I'm scrambling for a pen.

Finish this sentence "Good writing..."
Good writing makes me want to read out loud, or changes something I thought, or just has some great puns.

What are you most excited to cover through TD?
I'm excited to cover the types of shows I enjoy, because I see TD as a way to examine them, and myself, more closely.  For instance, I'm working on a story about studio series now.  I love seeing works in progress and I love seeing multiple artists in one evening -- now I get to figure out why.

Which part is challenging, scary, difficult?
It can be hard to have the confidence in myself as an audience member to thoughtfully respond to a performance.  It's so tempting to try to find another review to read before mine is done, to check the other reviews to see if I got it "right."  But I have to be able to trust my gut, my intellect, and my editor.

If you were to write a dance love-letter, it would be to__________.
I once confessed my major dance crush on Miguel Gutierrez to him, and he responded by telling me my brother was cute.  So I think I’m done with dance love letters.

How/when did you learn to type?

Mario Teaches Typing, 2nd grade. I would get so mad at the kids who would break the rules and type out of position just to win.

What is your "desert-island" publication?

http://boingboing.net/. They cover so much interesting and important stuff (freedom of speech, art, politics, geek news, Disneyland), and I've realized recently it's also a great site for tight, compelling reviews (usually of books).

What would your parents say about your work in the arts?
“What happened to economics?”

By Amelia Longo
May 11, 2012

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