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All Day Dance (a poem)

by Thomas Devaney

                        Judson Church 1963

implacable in a chair

she sits in the only way she knows how

then much later
a turn
or rather a push
into a place she looked headed

the sound of a clap hits everyone
a door is opened and remains so

and now
she’s leaning forward
                                           and is arched
                          towards the floor

her legs mark another space

she has moved

               the whole body has moved

shunting the body in this manner is difficult to do
or even to think about doing

it is strange
that this should not be stranger than it is

the chair you sit is not made for this
as the day stretches into one hell of a long night
but you let go or don’t hold on

there is someone else too
another person is moving more lightly more quickly
and maybe more wrongly

is this a duet
               or two solos

you can follow either or neither

he is all over the floor
covering and uncovering more
space revealing more area
though is perhaps but a marker
(holder) or something she is dreaming
                perhaps it’s he dreaming her
or us them or they us


and now
        an hour or more later
her feet
have found the floor

she hunches forward and is out
of the picture

her legs are gone
her head gone

as if this could be an ending

By Thomas Devaney
November 12, 2014

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